Is Your Weak, Tight or Unbalanced Core Creating Pain In Your Everyday Life?

An infant grows from the core (spinal cord and nervous system) and develops outward from the beginning of life to the beginning of movement, so as adults, we must do the same and remember our roots. 

Imagine asking an infant to walk before he has learned to lift his head. This is the same concept as asking a client/student to jump or lift weights before developing inner core strength. Somatic awareness of the inner core unit must accompany all activities in life to keep a body balanced and healthy. Weak, tight, or unbalanced core muscles can inhibit or create pain in any activity we might do in life. In all areas of life, stand tall and stay rooted.

The inner core unit refers to the functional synergy between the deep muscles of the core. The inner core unit is composed of the transversus abdominis, the posterior fibers of the obliquus internus abdominis, the diaphragm, the pelvic floor muscles, the multifidus and lumbar portions of the longissimus and Iliocostalis and psoas. These muscles have their origin or insertion at the vertebrae and generate little or no movement during activation. Contraction of these deep core muscles provides segmental stabilization of the spine. The inner core unit is activated a few seconds before the movement of the limbs. The impaired function of the inner core unit affects stability in the limbs and vertebral column.

How do you fix it? By bringing awareness and understanding to this crucial set of muscles, we set ourselves up for greater stability and mobility in our daily endeavors and fitness classes!! Check out SUP yoga, pilates, Barre, LM Core, and BodyFlow on our class schedule to discover your inner core for outer harmony. 

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