Our yoga and wellness program recognizes that every body is unique and perfectly made.  We tailor our yoga programming to meet the needs of all beings, regardless of size, shape, fitness level, intention, health conditions or background. We follow exercise science and alignment principles, as well as the ancient traditions of yoga. Our instructors are highly trained in their discipline and teach in a trauma-sensitive style to ensure that all students receive a safe, adaptable, and accessible practice. 

If you want spinal decompression and assisted stretching or to just have a little fun, take flight in Aerial Yoga.  If you are looking for a sweaty challenging workout, our heated Fusion or Power Flow will help you glow.  If you need a gentler practice with more assistance, take a seat in Chair Yoga.  If you are looking to enhance your energy flow and increase joint strength, Yin is in. If your nervous system is needing some restoration, grab a blanket and join us for Restorative. Do you need a safe environment from a trauma-trained instructor, Warrior Yoga can help you find your center. If you are needing mood enhancement, all of our red light classes will leave you feeling radiant. Even if you just want to have some fun in the sun, take a dive into our Stand Up Paddle Board classes. We’re creating a space where you feel welcome, loved, and nourished.  

Did you know you could enjoy unlimited yoga [which includes access to all yoga classes including specialty classes] for only 84.95 a month? Save your spot online!


Strike a balance of breath, postures and flow in a room heated to 95-100 degrees with radiant heat to create “tapas” (healing for your body, mind and spirit). Come to this class to cleanse your body, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, calm and soothe your mind. This practice may include standing strength postures as well as arm balances so come and strike a pose! Not recommended during pregnancy. Please consult your physician.

This practice utilizes the same sequences from Hot Fusion 90 with the exception of 1 round (rather than 2) of standing strength postures and includes the fully vinyasa flow as well as 10 minutes for core, stretch and a short savasana. Fusion Hot 90: This sequence of postures is designed to work the whole body-muscles, joints, glands, & all internal organs. It offers the perfect mixture of strength & flexibility training to allow you to take your functional fitness to the highest level possible. The dynamic internal & external health benefits you will receive will astound and empower you. You will be guided through a series of held postures to build strength, a flow sequence that will get your heart pumping & a core & flexibility section to create complete harmony through your entire body. The room will be heated to 100 plus degrees at about 40-50% humidity to heat the body inside & outside to increase flexibility, release toxins, increase caloric burn & improve cardiovascular function for a total mind & body experience. Not recommended during pregnancy. Please consult your physician. HH = Happy Hour Class

Chair Yoga is a gentle class with the option of using a yoga chair, incorporating range of motion exercises, alignment, stretching, strengthening, awareness, breathing and relaxation to refresh, energize, improve posture, deepen breathing and improve sense of wellbeing. This is a safe and slower-moving class designed for seniors and people of all ages with physical challenges or those who might be recovering from an injury.

This 60-minute class provides focused practice that strengthens and tones muscles, increases bone density and establishes correct body alignment through asanas, breathing technique, warm ups and relaxation.

This practice brings focus on balance with controlled movements to increase stability, flexibility, circulation, immunity, strength (in a subtle way), and moving meditation to promote relaxation and awareness of the breath. It is a low-impact fitness option to complement any fitness program as an adaptation for functional exercise for the general public, seniors, those with physical challenges, and athletes.

ABC Yoga (Asanas and Breathing for Children)*: Little yogis are invited to this 30 minute class where we’ll learn poses and breathing techniques, play games, and practice mindfulness together – and of course, have a whole bunch of fun in the process. We’ll practice barefoot or in our shoes and you’re free to bring your own mat or use one of ours. A comfort item (blankie or stuffed animal) can be brought for final meditation. We’ll meet in the playcenter and walk to the studio together, then come back to the playcenter when we’re done. Kids who are already on their parents’ membership are free and everyone else (members and non-members) can come for just $5/class!

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that uses specific asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time, typically from one minute to five minutes or more, depending on the posture. These postures access deeper layers of the fascia, promoting essential balance in our mental and physical bodies.

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga utilizing a fabric hammock as a tool to help students achieve traditional yoga poses. Increase overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. Hammock will be set at hip height. No experience necessary. Not recommended during pregnancy. Please consult your physician.

In this stressed out world we live in, it’s so important to restore the parasympathetic nervous system. This practice is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching, breath work and meditation. Bring any and all materials you’d like to aid in comfort. Blankets, bolsters, and blocks provided.

This specialized, trauma-sensitive yoga class is ideal for all who have experienced any kind of trauma or high stress, but all are welcome. This gentle, empowering practice allows us to learn how to free troubling emotions, persevering thought patterns, chronic somatic tension, and hyper-vigilance through concentrated breathing and slow-moving asanas, as well as meditation and mindfulness exercises, in a safe and trusting environment. Free of charge to those with a military ID.

Begin with full yogic breathing, followed by various stretching and warm-up postures to develop flexibility and turn one’s attention inward.  Progress through sun salutations in a slow and methodical manner to synchronize breath with movement, and create heat in the body.  Join with spinal twists, shoulder stand and a final posture before going into relaxation pose with guided meditation.  Appropriate for all levels of experience and practice.  Class length is 60 minutes.

A full-body fitness experience, combining rowing and yoga. Training our strength and cardiovascular systems, and increasing mobility, flexibility, and the mind-body-breath connection. Please bring your own yoga mat.


Our bulbs have a very similar light distribution to sunlight—peaking in the optimal therapeutic wavelengths of red and near infrared light. The major difference is that SaunaSpace has taken out harmful UV and blue light for your health and safety


We offer Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing and Sound Baths from Certified Yoga Therapists, Wellness Coaches, and a Certified Sound Healer. W is for Wellness and at Wilson's, your wellness is our Sankalpa (intention).


What makes infrared radiant heating feel so different is the way the heat is distributed. It feels clean and invigorating because it heats the people in the room, not the air. Radiant heat has many benefits from boosting your immune system to detoxification.

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