A little over a year ago Lindsey took the plunge. She wanted to live a healthier life. Since then she has been training with a personal coach, taking group fitness classes, and improving her nutrition.  So far she has lost over 74 pounds, and has gone down 6 jean sizes! But more importantly, Lindsey is moving better, feeling better, and simply living better!

“The hardest part was just walking in the door. I wanted to turn my car around as soon as I drove into the parking lot. However, after my first training session I was already feeling positive and thinking to myself, Why was I so nervous? I can do this! My Wilson’s coach has given me the guidance, encouragement, and accountability to succeed. It is an amazing feeling to look back over a year’s time and see all of your accomplishments. When I first started I could not even run a mile and during my first year at Wilson’s I ran my first half marathon on the treadmill without stopping! It’s all about continuing to set goals and take it one day at a time! Believe in yourself and give it your all. You are doing this for you!”  -Lindsey

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