This week we are highlighting instructor Eric Blumberg! Tune in Thursday, May 3rd as he takes over Wilson’s Instagram Story!

As a kid, Eric was naturally athletic, playing baseball and excelling at tennis. He grew up in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, one of four kids. During college, fitness took a back seat to working 60 hours a week at the TV station. As an adult, Eric was always a regular gym-goer, and in 2010 he joined Wilson’s. After experiencing death by boredom on the treadmill, he turned to group fitness classes and became an avid participant. One of his first BODYPUMP instructors, Erica Beshore, inspired his admiration, but after attending regularly, it was Kelie Morgan who encouraged Eric to go to GRIT training.

After GRIT, Eric went on to add BODYPUMP and CXWorX to his list of Les Mills certifications. In his day job, Eric makes videos about the Veterans United Foundation’s donations and other productions that either entertain or inform their customers or employees. Consistent with that purpose, Eric’s two roles overlap as he also seeks to inform and entertain his participants when coaching classes. He takes seriously his responsibility to educate students about the techniques and goals of the workout, all while providing entertainment; mandatory smiles in the warm-up, clever jokes, and maybe even a little air guitar with the barbell.

Eric’s daughter, Trina, is 12 years old, and also known as #CuteKid; her dad’s journalistic tendencies extend to proud father postings on social media complete with #CutePhotos of #LifeMoments. Dad and daughter have two kittens,Twix and Charlie.

Eric knows the best teachers are also students themselves. He knows that continual learning keeps us moving forward and never slowing down. Check out a sneak peek into his life this Thursday on our Instagram Story or check out one of his GRIT classes!

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