This week we are highlighting instructor Ali Wood! Tune in Wednesday, April 11th as she is taking over Wilson’s Instagram Story!

Ali has always had a love for fitness so when she started having babies and needed to stay home with them, teaching group fitness part time was a natural fit! She looks forward to teaching every class because of the people she teaches, she says every workout is a joy, not a job. Total Body Workout (TBW) and BodyFlow are her current adventures. She started with BodyFlow. “It’s a beautifully crafted class that rewards me every time I teach it” she says. The functional benefits from Flow led me to explore yoga and then become a NASM certified personal trainer. She treats TBW like a one on one training session hoping to not only leave you stronger, but also more knowledgeable about your own health and fitness!

After moving to Columbia from Texas, Ali says the community Wilson’s has brought into her life since starting a little over a year ago has been such a blessing.

What are some fun facts about Ali you may not know? She not only has 7 kids ranging 9 months to 22…she has 7 chickens too! She says they are fun pets! Scooby Doo, Red Ranger, Rosie, Joe, Fettuccine, Princess Lay-A and Hen Solo.

She loves to cook and find ways to put veggies in everything! However, she has a real weakness for wedding cake and says she would get married again just to have a white wedding cake 🙂

Ali continues to set her own fitness goals and is currently working on mastering a hand stand. Check out a sneak peek into her life this Wednesday on our Instagram Story or check out her TBW or BodyFlow class!

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