This week we are highlighting instructor Vesta Hotchkiss! Tune in Wednesday, November 7th as she takes over Wilson’s Instagram Story!

Vesta grew up in Springfield, MO and came to Columbia to attend Mizzou in 2006. She brought along her high school sweetheart, Phil Hotchkiss, who would become her husband upon graduating in 2010! Vesta graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. During her first year teaching, she participated in the MU Teaching Fellowship Program where she completed her Masters in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum in July 2011. This year is her ninth year teaching and her seventh year teaching Kindergarten at Mill Creek. Vesta had previously taught first grade at New Haven Elementary in Columbia.

Vesta was very involved with sports growing up and has always loved being physically active! She began attending TigerX classes at Mizzou and fell in love with group fitness. Upon graduating, she soon joined Wilson’s and started attending classes like TRX, Krank Cycle, and Tabata at the District. Vesta was intimidated by BodyPump and did not try it right away. Once she did, she was hooked and it became her favorite class!! Her favorite classes now are Body Combat, Body Attack, Yoga, Body Flow, and of course, BodyPump!

When Vesta decided to become an instructor in May of 2014, she was regularly attending BodyPump and could always be found on the front row! One day, Lisa Kent came up to her after class and said “You know, if you know the choreography better than I do, then it is time to get certified!” Vesta laughed her off at first but the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea! She got certified right away!

Vesta loves everything about group fitness from the music to the movements to the people! She loves how it brings people together, creates relationships, and how it challenges people to push themselves! She loves being a cheerleader and a coach! Most of all, Vesta loves how fitness changes lives!

In her spare time, Vesta loves spending time with her husband, who regularly comes to her Saturday class and can be found in the front row! She has an adorable 2 year old son, Auggie, who might be a future BodyPump instructor one day! Vesta is a health food nut and loves to talk about healthy eating! She loves running and doing half marathons with her husband. Vesta is very involved in her church, The Crossing, by leading a small group and being a part of the meals team. She hopes to continue to teach BodyPump for a very long time! Join her for class Saturday mornings at the Rangeline location or Wednesday evenings at the Forum location!

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