Spring Yin Yoga Poses

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth! This is evident as we observe nature with the return of vibrant colors, new life coming into being and the warmer weather bringing animals and humans out of hibernation. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the element of Wood represents spring and is manifested in the liver and gall bladder meridians.
The function of wood is movement, expansion, activity, change, it is the home of new ideas, new thoughts, transformation and hope. Below you will find some sequences which support your body especially during spring time to restore balance, detox the organ systems, nourish the digestive system, release tension and stress from spine and hips, and “deep-clean” the energy channels.

Caterpillar Pose

Extend your legs out in front of you and place anything under the hips you may need to bring your hips to neutral.  You could also place a block or pillow under the knees if the hamstrings are tight.  Breathing in, lift through the spine and begin to hinge from the hips, exhaling softening the body down with gravity.  Do this a few times and observe the sensations in your back body as you breathe in this position.

Winged Dragon Pose

Place one foot between your hands and step the other foot to the back of the mat releasing the knee, padding it if needed.  You could also place a block or prop under your hand.  Inhale to lengthen the spine as you place your left hand to your inner thigh and exhale to twist toward the bent knee.  If more sensation is desired, flex at the ankle and open the hip away from the body.  Stay here for about a minute and then switch sides.

Supported Bridge Pose

Lying on your back with your knees bent out in front of you, lift your hips toward the sky. Place a block under your sacrum, and set your hips on the block at any height. Give yourself a big hug and then open your arms into a cactus shape after a few minutes. First gathering your energy, then opening yourself up to what the world will offer you this Spring.

Banana Pose

Lie on your back and cross your left ankle over the right and grab your left wrist with your right hand. If you need more sensation, move your upper and lower body to the right. You’ll feel a stretch in your left side.  When you’re ready, come back to center and move to the other side.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

Take your mat to a wall (or simply use a rug or blanket if available), get into a ball on your side, your buttocks touching the wall. Then roll over to lift your legs up the wall, letting your arms rest on either side of your body like a T, in a cactus shape, or placed on your heart and belly. Choose the option that will help you get into this practice with ease.
Did you enjoy? Join us for more! Yin Yoga 10:15 – 11:15 am with Catina Topash in the Hot Yoga Studio at the Forum Location!
Yin Yoga*: Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that uses specific asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time, typically from 1 minute to five minutes or more, depending on the posture. These postures access deeper layers of the fascia, promoting essential balance in our mental and physical bodies.
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