After surgery for a spiral fracture of her femur, Diana Selken was out of work for 6 weeks and had to use a walker to get around. After months of physical therapy she transitioned to a cane and then was told she had early osteoporosis at 64. Gaining some weight after she had been down so long, Diana knew it was time to take charge of her health. She joined Wilson’s and started working with personal trainer, Ericka Hill. “That was almost a year ago, and boy what a difference in how I look and feel!” she said.

“I’ve lost about 7-9 pounds, but what I really love is that I am more toned and have more energy than I have in years! My son is an avid gym enthusiast, and was amazed at my muscle tone and physical improvements in moving my leg after the accident. The last time I visited him in Austin, I was running and playing ball with my grandchildren, and he couldn’t believe I had surgery and have a rod and 2 screws in my leg! He also noticed how toned my arms are now, and said I was in better shape than he has seen me for years!

I know I owe it all to Ericka, always adding a little weight each round with my exercises, always asking me what my goals are, and changing my workout to fit my needs. I really enjoy talking and laughing with her as I work out, and appreciate how she gently pushes me to work hard so I can achieve my goals.

I know I look better, feel healthier, and am in much better shape now after training at Wilson’s! I am hooked!”

-Diana Selken

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