This monh we want to feature our awesome member, Sarah Hanneken! She has been training with Marmar for about 10 months and has lost about 60 pounds. Her hard work and dedication has paid off! 
Sarah says the hardest part for her was just getting started. Getting past the intimidation factor and not knowing what to do on the gym floor was difficult. Training has made a world of difference.
“When I first started working out, I only did cardio because I was too intimidated to try the weights and machines. Marmar was very supportive and really listened to my concerns and goals. He has taught me so many awesome workouts, and worked with me until I had the correct form to get the best results. My advice to someone thinking about getting a trainer would be to at least try it out for a few sessions to get some guidance on the type of workouts that will most benefit them. Having a trainer also helps with accountability! It’s a lot harder to skip your workout when you have someone in your corner, cheering you on, and counting on you to show up.”
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