Lisa Glass doesn’t exercise. No, Lisa incorporates movement and activity into her daily life and always has. Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin throwing hay bales. Working as a nanny in Massachusetts raking leaves and swimming laps. And as a mom of 4 in Missouri riding bikes as a primary mode of transportation. Lisa doesn’t like sitting around and she’s happiest when expending energy. Before motherhood, Lisa lived in Pennsylvania and participated in aqua classes, enjoying her workout at the end of a long workday. It was then she discovered the many benefits of aqua exercise. Not only does the water alleviate pressure on the joints, but the buoyancy also reduces impact significantly from that of exercise on land. Aqua classes increase circulation, reduce blood pressure, and build endurance and muscle strength. And just being in the water soothes tension and relieves stress. When Lisa started coming to FIT in April 2005, she had an infant and a 2-year-old. The freedom to exercise daily in a social environment, while her children were cared for made FIT her home away from home. And since she had joint issues at the time, being back in the water was perfect for providing total support for her body. As a faithful, daily participant, it didn’t take long for the current class instructors to recruit Lisa to become an instructor herself. She certified with the United States Water Fitness Association and a few months later, began teaching and has loved it ever since. Lisa regularly completes continuing education by attending specialty workshops and goes to other instructor’s classes because her body loves to be in the water. Over the years, Lisa has been a steady presence at Wilson’s womens-only gym, and her 4 kids have grown up there. Anyone who knows her knows that Lisa positively glows. And her laugh can be heard ringing down the hallway. She keeps it fresh and challenging, offering a great workout to her class members. Her participants say Lisa never fails to show up on time, with a smile, and motivate them with her enthusiasm. Lisa still seamlessly blends physical activity with her daily routine; she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. And she rolls with it—on her rollerblades, twice a week for cardio. And she rides it—on her bike to teach her classes. Lisa and bicycles go way back. Sometimes she rides alongside her husband, Tim on his way to work at Mizzou, stopping at a local restaurant for an impromptu breakfast date. Married for nearly 23 years, they teach their children not to be dependent on a car, encouraging them to bike and walk whenever they can. Their family vacations often include hiking, and when the kids were younger, ‘hiking training’ prepared them for the rigors of bigger treks, and lessened the likelihood of complaining. The whole family looks forward to the new trail connector opening later this year right from the Wilson’s parking lot. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and baking and sharing that hobby with her kids when they’re out of school. Lisa loves working with photos and making scrapbooks, occasionally joining friends out of town for the to work on their projects together. Recently, Lisa and her family returned from a mission trip with their church to El Salvador. There she had the opportunity to participate in ‘active singing.’ Jumping and dancing in the bright mid-day sun, she sang with the group jubilantly in Spanish. Not exercising, just burning calories and having the time of her life.
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