Here are just a few fitness tips to keep your body and fitness tracker HAPPY! If you’re not moving, you’re missing out on key health and weight-management boosters. No matter what fitness level you are on, setting a goal can be a motivating way to improve your overall health. There are numerous methods to keep track of your fitness, from heart rate tracking to pedometers. The American Heart Association suggests walking 10,000 steps a day to maintain your fitness and to decrease the risk of disease brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. Struggling to meet that goal of 10,000 steps a day?

1)    Walk and Talk! Talking on the phone is a great opportunity to get in steps without thinking about it. Whether it’s a work call you can take outside or a personal call with a friend, those minutes on the phone can add up.

2)    Step it up! We’ve certainly all heard the tip to take the stairs over the elevator, but are you doing it? You’ve got to get there anyways, so you might as well torch a few extra calories doing so!

3)    Buddy Up! Set a time to meet a friend for a routine walk. Time will fly chatting with a friend and you’ll be less likely to ditch the walk if someone else is counting on you. Could you add in a family walk after dinner?

4)    Wear it! Wear a fitness tracker and take advantage of it! This reminder will encourage you to get more active and track your progress throughout the day. Many of these trackers also let you interact and challenge friends!

5)    Redirect! Break out of your habits and take a new way to work! Park in the back of the parking lot or use the furthest entrance! Can you find a new route to the copy machine or water fountain?

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