Swimming…A Skill That Lasts A Lifetime!


Our instructors will instill a love for an amazing sport and safety skill for your kids.  See level information below when choosing a swim group. $65 per swimmer per session. Each session consists of 8 classes over a two week period. Classes are held Monday through Friday of the first week and Monday through Wednesday of the second week.  ENROLLMENT OPENS APRIL 1ST.

All classes have a minimum number of four participants. The maximum number in each class will range from 5-8 depending on the skill level of the classes.  Wilson’s reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. If enrollment calls for such, levels (for example, Levels V & VI) can be combined in order to host a class. If a class is canceled due to inclement weather or for other reasons decided by management, a make-up day will be held on the second Thursday or Friday of the second week. All sales final.

June 3rd – June 12th

10:30 – 11:10AM
11:10 – 11:50AM

June 17th – June 26th
10:30 – 11:10AM
11:10 – 11:50AM
5:00 – 5:40PM
6:00 – 6:40PM

**July 1st – July 10th
10:30 – 11:10AM
11:10 – 11:50AM
5:00 – 5:40PM
6:00 – 6:40PM

July 15th – July 24th

5:00 – 5:40PM
6:00 – 6:40PM

July 29th – August 7th

5:00 – 5:40PM
6:00 – 6:40PM

**Swim Lessons from the 4th of July will be made up on Friday the 11th.  Same times and groups. 



Level I Infant/Toddler a.ka. Guppy: An enjoyable class for a parent and child to learn to communicate in the water. Both parent and child learn water orientation and work on developing water safety skills. Benefits include bonding with child, water awareness, water safety,children begin to learn to take instruction, self confidence, and as they get older begin to develop beginning swimming skills.

Level II a.ka. Polliwog: A water adjustment class designed especially for beginners in the water to develop beginning swimming skills and promote independent water movement. Begins to teach basic stroke and kicking skills, blowing bubbles, floating both front and back as well as pool safety and fun ways to learn to fall in love with the water.

Level III. a.k.a. Eel: A class for little swimmers who are already moving independently through the water 5 yards with flotation device on front and close on the back. Introduces rotary breathing and a variety of water skills to continue to grow independence in the water. We work on kicking and jumping in the water independently. We encourage swimming several feet on their own without floatation device.

Level IV a.k.a. Starfish: For children who are comfortable in the water and able to swim five feet with faces in the water and no flotation device. The primary focus of this level is on rotary breathing and learning backstroke properly, freestyle independently, elementary backstroke and treading water. We start the basics of butterfly and diving. During the summer months we introduce the diving board.

Level V a.k.a. Minnow: This class is designed for swimmers who are able to swim 15 yards freestyle with faces in the water and have a very good understanding of rotary breathing and do not use flotation devices. Reviews backstroke while focusing on butterfly and flip turns. Breaststroke is introduced at this level. Children who are in this level should be completely independent. We also focus on building endurance.

Level VI a.k.a. Fish: Our highest level of lessons, a class for swimmers who are able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke with a very good understanding of breathing and technique. Should be able to swim 15 yards of butterfly and breaststroke. Most of this class time is focused on proper technique for all four strokes while mastering flip turns and starts. The children will focus on technique and getting in shape for the Flying Fish level.

Level VII a.k.a. Flying Fish: For those swimmers able to swim 50 yards freestyle, backstroke, over 25 yards breaststroke and butterfly. Basic knowledge of open turns and flip turns is helpful. Our goal is to get children ready for swim team with an hour long session twice a week. We train while working on the 4 competitive strokes at the same time. Most of this group is swimming as a form of exercise, on the wait list of a competitive swim team or training until the summer league session rolls around again. 




Swim Instructor

Barry has spent his entire life swimming, and can offer lessons for those looking to learn how to swim or get a competitive edge. Passionate, fun-loving teams and coaches helped Barry fall in love with the sport at an early age, and now he offers that same spirit in his coaching for all ages.

After swimming in his county’s summer league in Maryland for over 10 years, Barry began coaching while training for the University of Virginia varsity swim team specializing as a technique-driven sprinter. His summer programs successfully worked with hundreds of swimmers that ranged from toddlers to elite high school athletes. While at UVA, Barry also coached the 200-person club swim team that won the Club Nationals Championship his fourth year. 

Whether you are looking to get comfortable in the water or fine-tune your racing skills, Barry has ample experience setting up swimmers for success (whatever your definition may be).  If you see Barry on deck, don’t hesitate to stop him to say hi! 

Please email any questions about private or group lessons to [email protected]


Simply put, we all learn in different ways. Sometimes, swimmers need more one on one time when learning a new skill.  Our team @ the Beach Club understand your children have varying needs. Many parents inquire about whether their child should have private or group swim lessons or in some cases they want a lesson that fits their schedule better.  Private and semi private lessons may be just what your swimmer needs:

30 min sessions = $30 per private lesson

40 min sessions = $20 per semi private (2 to 3 swimmers)

Find out more information by contacting Dawn.  [email protected]


Monday - Friday 12PM - 8:30PM
Saturday 10:30AM - 8:30PM
Sunday    12:00PM - 7:00PM

July 12th:     Beach Club Closing at 5:30PM
August 9th:  Beach Club Closing at 5:30PM

Available at any Wilson's Fitness location.  Call or stop by to plan your vacation in CoMo this summer!

Hours may change due to inclement weather. Up to date information will be posted on FACEBOOK and can also be viewed on main Beach Club page anytime. 

4600 Forum Blvd. Columbia 65203
(573) 499-1488

Dawn Stephens
[email protected]


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