Wilson’s Team Training is a functional movement training program in a fun, high-energy, team environment!  Offered at 3 locations with over 40 sessions a week.  There’s nothing more motivating than working out with a trainer and a group of like minded friends encouraging you! With 4 levels of intensity-ALL fitness levels will feel comfortable, but challenged. You will also receive access to an app so you can track your progress every step of the way and view the workout of the day on your phone!  Questions? Contact Kelie Morgan kmorgan@wilsonsfitness.com

If you are a Wilson’s member, Team Training can be added to your current membership.  Not a member yet, but want to become part of Team Training? Click the red purchase button below, choose your home club, then choose Team Training.  It’s easy to get started today!

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Wilson's on Forum Corporate
Gym, Classes, Pool, Play Center & More
2902 Forum Blvd.
Columbia MO 65203
(573) 446-3232

Wilson's Beach & Tennis Club
Swim Team/Lessons, Tennis, Family Fun
(573) 499-1488

Wilson's on Rangeline
Gym, Classes, Play Center & More
2601 Rangeline St.

Columbia MO 65203
(573) 443-4242

MAC Summer Club
Swim Lessons & Team, Parties, Family Fun
(573) 449-2606

Wilson's In The District
Gym, Classes, Tanning & More
111 Orr St.

Columbia MO 65201
(573) 777-6700


Wilson's MAC  Missouri Athletic Center
Soccer Volleyball Basketball Camps & More
2900 Forum Blvd.
Columbia MO 65203
(573) 449-2606  soccermac.com