Pilates goes deep, using resistance to strengthen while it stretches.

The goal of Pilates is to develop a high degree of abdominal strength, better posture, stability, greater flexibility of the spine and limbs while combining the power of mind and body.  Try a Mat Class or get a more personal experience and talk to Alison today.  Allison Hanson (573) 777-6700 or ahanson@wilsonsfitness.com 


Pilates (puh-LAH-teez) were created by a German man named Joseph Pilates during the First World War. He combined Eastern Traditions of a mindful body with the Western approach of Greek and German fitness emphasizing strength. The Pilates method is a total body-conditioning workout for both men and women that strengthens the center, lengthens the spine, creates muscle tone, increases body awareness and flexibility. Pilates can help lower back pain, prevent injury, speed up recovery, shrink waist lines and improve high blood pressure, depression and osteoporosis. Pilates has been highly recommended by physical therapists,chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and rehabilitation specialists for the greater health and productivity of the physical body. 


Who can benefit from taking Pilates? Everyone!!!! People of all ages and physical condition’s may benefit from Pilates. Pilates is highly recommended from dancers and athletes who frequently suffer from injuries as a system for injury prevention. However, Pilates is low-impact which is easier on the joints, eliminating impact and compression often associated with muscle training and cardio.

What is the difference between Mat, Prop Pilates and Machine work? Mat Pilates is done mainly on the floor using your own body weight. Prop Pilates incorporates mat exercises with the assistance of Magic Circle, foam roller, weighted balls and thera bands. The Machines are all spring loaded to add more resistance along with your body weight. 

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga? Yoga is based on the principles of sustained movement or held poses while Pilates centers on slow fluid movement. Pilates is more true to life, the body was meant to move, not hold poses. Pilates can actually help you in your yoga classes. During Pilates classes you will learn that your abdomen helps with your balance and that can be incorporated into holding your poses in yoga. Yoga is based in a spiritual practice, Pilates is a fitness program.

How big are your classes? We encourage a class size of 10 participants to ensure that you get the personal attention and workout you deserve. Your instructors pride themselves on the personal attention that you will receive during your class. Our Machine Pilates Program offers several different options including an individualized one-on-one 30 minute or 60 minutes session.  We also have 60 minutes sessions for two or three people.

How do I sign up? For private, duet or trio sessions please call our Pilates Studio at the District.  If you would like to take a mat class, just check your Group Fitness schedules to find a time and location that fits you best.


10 Reasons to do Pilates 
 1 Control every Muscle                       6 Redistribute your Body Weight 
 2 Strengthen your Core                       7 Stretch away Stress
 3 Breathe Deeper                       8 Boost your Energy
 4 Increase your Flexibility                       9 Shrink your Waistline
 5 Stand up Straighter                       10 Look Better Naked

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