MAC Fun & Fitness camps are a fun and activity filled place to meet new friends, swim and stay active during this summer. For all kids with lots of interests and energy to burn! We provide supervision for all activities while teaching teamwork and sportsmanship. K – 8th grade.


ROOKIES     K – 1st grade

RECRUITS   2nd – 3rd grade

MVPs            4th – 5th grade

ALL STARS   6th – 8th grade

Groups will have activities on their own and with other groups. Register by group for weekly camps and daily for a day at a time. 


MAC Campers get to swim every day!  (weather permitting of course) Swimmers will be supervised by their camp counselors as well as certified MAC lifeguards.  

PLUS camp includes group swim lessons. On Tuesdays & Thursdays, PLUS campers will have a 40 minute group swim lesson. They will be grouped together by skill level, and instructed by a MAC swim instructor. 

By the day or by the week

FUN FITNESS CAMP $179/week or $49/day
PLUS CAMP  $195/week or $59/day
With current yearly MSM ($15/year)

-Shorter weeks are prorated (see full schedule below)
-Online only, per camper, each has their own account.

Late fee $10-20 per camper (more info. below)

WHEN SHOULD WE REGISTER?  Pre-registration is the only way we can provide the most ideal camper/counselor ratios. Beginning in 2018 you MUST register your camper by Thursday at midnight for the following week for all PLUS camps. At that time registration for those camps will close. 

For regular weekly and daily camps, if you register later than Friday morning at 7AM, weekly camps will be $20 more and daily camps will be $10 more. 

Camper Information Form and Medication Release must be turned in the first day of camp.  (Page 4 & 5 from Parent Handbook)

OUR TEAM ROCKS THEIR SOCKS  Kid-loving, fun-producing mentors trained in coaching skills and camper safety use positive reinforcement to refill our camper’s emotional tanks.

SWAG BAG FRIDAYS  Every Friday we issue our surprise swag bag of MAC gear for the week.

MAGICAL CAMPUS  Solar powered, air conditioned basketball courts, indoor turf field, party room, outdoor pools, sand volleyball, and outdoor fields await your camper this summer.

CAMP PLUS  The world is 70% water and kids are 100% curious. Swimming is a life skill and true full lifespan fitness activity. Why not learn while you’re at camp? Campers registered for MAC Camp Plus will receive safe, effective swim lessons for all levels from our instructors or give skilled swimmers 40 minutes extra to get in laps. Tuesday and Thursday from 12:05PM – 12:45PM.

QUESTIONS?  Contact your Camp Director Ginny Matthews with any questions. You can e-mail her at [email protected] or give her a call at (573) 449-2606







  •  LUNCH Monday through Friday
  • MONEY (Extra snacks at the Snack Shack)




Based on our research and in running camps at the MAC since 2004, we customize each camp schedule based on group ages and sizes. While campers are encouraged to carry water bottles, mid morning, lunch, and afternoon, we have structured refueling breaks. Our campers navigate campus with their coach utilizing small and all camp groups through activity blocks varying from 30 min – 1 hour catering to a child’s needs and attention spans.

8AM – 9AM
Morning Welcome and break into our camp groups

9AM – 11:30AM
Snack Time and morning activities per group

11:30PM – 1:30PM
Lunch and mid day activities PLUS campers will go to swim lessons at 12:05 on Tuesday and Thursday

1:30PM – 4:30PM
Free swim for everyone and afternoon activities per group

4:30PM – 5PM
End of Day Recap and lost and found time.

WHEN SHOULD WE REGISTER? Pre-registration is the only way we can provide the most ideal camper/councilor ratios.  Beginning in 2018 you MUST register your camper Thursday at midnight for the following week.  If after Thursday, registration can only be done at the MAC.  Once it is determined there is space in the camp, there is a $20.00 charge per camper, for late registration.






WHICH GROUP DO WE REGISTER FOR? The campers are divided by age.  Plan to register for the age group of your camper: Rookies K-1st   Recruits 2nd – 3rd   MVPs  4th –  5th or  All Stars 6th – 8th

DO WE HAVE TO BE MEMBERS OF WILSON’S?  No you and or your camper are not required to be members. The MSM fee is required, however, in order for your camper to participate.

WHAT IS THE MSM?  The MAC/Wilson’s Sports Maintenance fee is paid by all participants just one time per year.  It is required for all programs at the MAC.  Each camper has their own account and MSM.

WHEN DO I PAY FOR CAMP? All camps must pay for camp when registering your camper for each day, week or weeks they will attend.

WHAT DOES MY CAMPER NEED TO BRING? Be sure to review the What to Bring Options in table above.

WHAT WILL MY CAMPER DO EACH DAY? There will be a schedule for each week with the activities, timelines and themes. Along with the activities in the table above, each week there will be a schedule available to parents at drop off. The schedule will have the themes and exact activities for each day.

HOW MANY SWIMMERS ARE IN THE GROUP LESSONS? The lessons will stay to the ratio that the MAC lesson program is known for.  Most classes will have no more than 6 swimmers per instructor.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP:  CHILDREN MAY NOT BE DROPPED OFF BEFORE 7:45AM AND MUST BE PICKED UP BY 5:15PM. Children must be picked up by 5:15pm. Failure to do so will result in a $1/minute charge for each child. This fee will need to be paid prior to attending programs further.






After all attempts to contact parents and emergency contacts have failed, a child who is not picked up by 6:30pm will be considered abandoned The police department and Division of Family Services will then be called. Child may be removed from the program if payment is not made

SIGNING IN AND OUT:  It is mandatory that you or an authorized pick up person, sign your child in and out each day. If there is a person you need to pick your child up that is not on his/her registration form, we will need to have an addition add/drop contact form completed and signed. Please let the Program Director know of any changes, example phone numbers, addresses, persons to be released to, by completing and turning in the add/drop contact form.

ACCIDENTS:  The MAC is not responsible for any personal injury incurred while the children are at the program. Parents are encouraged to purchase insurance to cover accidents. You will be informed of any accidents that occur while your child is at The MAC and we’ll ask you to sign an accident report, letting you know the details.

REFUNDS:  The MSM fee is NON refundable.  Typically, we do not issue refunds for registration fees for any reason other than the MAC cancelling a camp.  However, we do understand that illnesses and family emergencies can happen.  In these cases, we will be happy to offer enrollment in another camp at a later date or possibly in another MAC Program.  Simply contact us for more information.

MEDICATION:  Any child taking medication must be capable of taking his/her own medication. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY OF THE CAMP MAC STAFF BE ALLOWED TO DISTRIBUTE ANY MEDICATIONS OTHER THAN HANDING IT FROM THE LOCKBOX TO THE CHILD. MEDICATION RELEASE MUST BE ON FILE.  (Form available at the MAC or in the Parent Handbook see link above)

DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES:  To insure a safe environment there are some guidelines and rules that need to be followed.  All rules will be explained to campers. Campers are asked to treat others and their property with respect. Physical violence of any kind will not be tolerated. If there is a behavior problem the counselor will first try to handle them. 
Severe and/or repeated misbehavior will result in the following:

  • 1st offense – warning, the child will be reminded of the rules and asked to follow them.
  • 2nd offense – We will ask the camper sit in the “Cool Down” area for a time period totaling 1 minute per year of age. (ex: A 7yr old getting a 2nd warning will sit in the cool down area for 7 minutes)
  • 3rd offense – The camper will return to the “Cool Down” Area and the parents will be notified.
  • 4th offense – the child will be suspended for 2 days.
  • 5th offense – the child will be expelled from camp and not allowed to return.

IN SEVERE SITUATIONS A CHILD WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE THE FIFTH OFFENSE. The MAC has a zero tolerance policy on violence. If a Camper strikes another Camper, an immediate suspension will be issued. The Camper who is struck is not to strike back, but should immediately report this to their Counselors for their own safety. Violence is not answered with violence, or that individual will also be suspended.

If you have any questions about information in the handbook or general camp questions, call or see the camp director during session.  You can also e-mail her anytime.  MAC Family Program Director, Ginny Matthews (573) 449-2606 ore [email protected]

We run camps all year long!  Dates for the 2017-2018 are available here.


Monday - Thursday 5AM - 9PM
Friday 5AM - 8:30PM
Saturday 7:30AM -8PM Sunday 12PM - 9PM
Extended hours for rentals, parties & league play
No Cleats Please

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Chad Coy, Director 

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