Beginning January 11th, as we roll into the Winter 2021 Group Fitness Schedule- we will update the website each month with a variety of online class videos including Les Mills, Barre, Yoga, and Strength and Cardio Options. This page will be exclusive for Wilson’s active members and will require a login/password.
If you have elected to freeze or terminate your membership, we ask you to reconsider and join us on this online platform so we can continue to provide you with some of the classes you’ve grown to love over the past 38 years through in club socially distanced classes and online!


Are you a current member? E-mail Meghan at [email protected] to make sure you get the password monthly! 


Please wear your mask before and after class. You may remove while working out as classes will be socially distanced. 

  • For Barre Classes, we will be providing therabands for sale. These will be available for $4 cash with Member Services.
  • For Aqua Classes, we will be providing noodles for sale. These will be available for $10 cash with Member Services.
  • Specialty Classes will be online for sign up as soon as we have them ready. For now, all others will limited and will be on a first come basis. Cycling participants will still have a sign-up with Member Services.
  • Please bring your own mat for Yoga and Barre Classes.
  • We will continue to offer and update you with a variety of online classes including Les Mills classes, Barre, Yoga, and Strength/Cardio Classes. 


*Specialty Classes are $7.50 + tax for any Wilson’s member and $15.00 + tax for non-members. HH = Happy Hour Classes are $5.00 + tax for members and non-members.

Contact MEMBER SERVICES to find out how to add Specialty Classes (those marked with *) to your membership and enroll for free.

  1. Please bring a water bottle to all classes to stay hydrated.
  2. Yoga mats are required for yoga and barre classes.
  3. Aerobics specific shoes are recommended for cardio classes and S.P.D. cycling shoes are recommended for cycling classes.
  4. Schedule is subject to change due to low attendance, instructor injury or instructor availability.
  5. Inclement weather policy: Please call ahead for changes to due weather.

Classes have been set up to complement each other. Please feel free to attend more than one class to achieve overall fitness.

*SPECIALTY CLASS ENROLLMENT:  (Regular classes do not require enrollment)  Advanced booking is encouraged for Specialty Classes and is available one week prior to class.

  1. Enroll online or at your club.
  2. No refunds are given for cancellations less than two hours prior to class time.
  3. If you have not enrolled prior to arriving at the club, you may be placed on a waiting list until 5 minutes before class begins.
  4. Once you arrive at the club, please check in at the front desk and receive a wristband which will be collected by the instructor prior to the start of class.
  5. All participants must have signed in 5 minutes prior to start of class to ensure their spot. This is for your safety to get acclimated to the heat as well as to open space for those on the waiting list. If you have not checked in 5 minutes prior to class, your spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list and no refunds will be given.
  6. For those whose membership includes unlimited free specialty classes, a cancellation fee of $5 will be assessed to your account for any class cancelled less than 2 hours prior to class. A $5 cancellation fee will also be assessed if you are too late to attend or don’t show up for class.

Use search options below to view classes by the day or week, find out where your favorite instructor is or what’s happening in your favorite studio. Select the class in the schedule to view a description, enroll in a *Specialty Class or add to your personal calendar. You can even meet your instructor by selecting their name in the schedule.

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Classes for September 9, 2019

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Time Class Day Instructor Studio
5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

Aqua Blast

Aqua Blast

Date: September 09

Time: 5:45 pm-6:45 pm

This intermediate to high impact class in the water gives you a full body workout broken down into aerobics, abs, arms, and cool down.

Instructor: Jennifer Mantle


Jennifer Mantle

Jennifer Mantle

blankJennifer holds a Basic Life Saving certification and is trained as a Water Aerobics Trainer by Tina Price. She currently teaches Aqua Blast and Aqua Kickboxing. As an avid swimmer and water aerobics participant, her instructors were so encouraging to her she wanted to pass that along to others. When she became an instructor, she sought to challenge not only herself, but also her class members to better fitness through the joy of water aerobics. She finds that by teaching, she learns so much more herself. She began at Wilson’s in 2015 and loves teaching here. “Being part of this organization is a huge bonus!”

Jennifer also has a background in circuit training, and is a former competitive weight-lifter and she wants people to know it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, expert or anything in between, water aerobics is an awesome workout that will get you fit in no time. “I highly recommend checking out a class. You will be surprised just how many muscles you will use—some you may have forgotten about.”

6:40 pm - 7:25 pm



Date: September 09

Time: 6:40 pm-7:25 pm

Stages Flight invites the indoor cyclist into a whole new world of exciting experiences, challenges and competitions. With Stages Flight, cyclists can race against themselves, each other or even the clock. Each rider has a customized intensity profile based on % max watt produced by the Stages Power Meter, the same device that Team Sky, winner of the Tour de France, trained on. You’ll feel like you’re truly in the zone as images displayed on a large screen create one-of-a-kind experiences.





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*Specialty Class – Requires enrollment
★Due to limited space, this class requires siging-up at the front desk 30 minutes prior to class.